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Interview. La solution Park My Truck s’ouvre aux autocars

La société Park My Truck est née d’un constat simple : il manque en France quelque 100 000 places de parkings pour les poids-lourds, tandis que certains sites, les parcs d’expositions par exemple, disposent d’espaces souvent sous-exploités en la matière. Fort logiquement, les autocaristes souffrant eux aussi de cette problématique de stationnement, notamment dans certaines grandes agglomérations, l’entreprise s’ouvre désormais aux opérateurs du transport routier de voyageurs. Rencontre avec Thierry Robert, un des trois fondateurs de Park My Truck.

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Olivier Bonnet

Super practical

ipp de inz Alph

Motorhome stay in Paris, flat parking, very well guarded and monitored, quick metro access, clean sanitary facilities and above all friendly, smiling and available guards.

A. R.

Good place.

CAPA Haute Loire

very good, nice space, good welcome with a human person who answers the phone straight away which is rare great memory

Kai Th

The parking lot is ok. The showers and toilets are really old school, but clean. The operator can't do anything about what it looks like on the street, but the area itself isn't particularly dirty. There's a star deduction for the toilets being far away when you're standing in the gatekeeper's seats and the fact that when you go to the toilets during the day there's some guy lying on the sofa in the lounge and looking at you strangely because you've just woken him up. You should also take a flashlight with you when you go to the toilet, otherwise you'll end up in the dark after a minute because the light just goes out 😅

Tracy Croll

Difficult to find but truck yard staff opposite provided direction. Helpful staff at gate and washroom. Very disconcerting that our parking was directly in front of a number of former loading docks now seemingly ‘converted’ to housing migrants. The site may be gated but significant security concerns with security inside (although a guard was seen ‘doing rounds’). One truck which must have been there a while was heavily graffitied. Surrounding the yard seems to be a homeless encampment. Mountains of garbage at entrance to site - had to walk on road not pavement. . Garbage around our parking - broken dolls etc. We (2 of us) had a successful stay but I wouldn’t have been happy going alone.

Роксолана Сусюк

Good day. And how exactly can you book?? How can I contact you?

Артём Викторович

Entry 48.827497,2.393848. We stop by GEODIS logistics. At the entrance, the security guard tells you where to stand and gives you the code number for the toilet and shower. There aren't many places. There is a toilet, shower and a dining room with a microwave. Everything is clean and tidy. There is a supermarket nearby - 150 meters. Good parking in the center of Paris. I recommend. If you liked the review - give it a 👍

Monique Leriverend

Access from the street is a little difficult but your parking lot is very spacious and very well guarded. I answer for the 5 trucks. THANKS

Виталий Герич

Excellent parking for Paris!!! Guarded. Everything is. Get to the center 30 minutes by metro, shop 150m.

Noémie PAYA

One of the only secure parking lots for trucks in Paris. Online booking is very convenient.

Roman Peredvigin

Nice, quiet parking! Toilet and shower are clean everywhere! Nearby there is a store and stops to the center! Departure in a circle

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